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Murder Mystery with Ghosts!

My name is Karen Hamilton-Viall and my novel The Curious Life of Ada Baker, is a paranormal murder mystery about a psychic medium who's drawn into solving a murder by the ghosts she lives with. Along the way, Ada has to convince a sceptical detective of her abilities, avoid the attentions of a sinister stalker, gain the help of a squadron of ghostly spitfire pilots and try not to get murdered herself. Reviewers have said the following:

"Want a Ghost Story but don't want a scary one? Love BBC's Ghosts and want more of it? Then I suggest you try this book" 5 stars

"A modern-day Poirot with a fantasy twist. I thought the concept of the novel was genius and gripping - I read it in less than a day."

"What we get is a cosy crime thriller in a style reminiscent of Agatha Christie."

"It’s a laugh out loud book which surprised and delighted me."

"Dark and wholesome, amusing and chilling, this is a journey into the supernatural to savour."

It's available to buy online from all large book retailers: Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, Booktopia (Australia)Coles Books Forbidden Planet, FoylesPaper Plus (New Zealand)Waterstones, WH Smiths, Amazon UK, Book Depository and from my publishers: Cranthorpe Millner

Karen and Well Outfits -  January 06, 20
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