Fantasy and paranormal cosy crime writer

My name is Karen Hamilton-Viall and I started writing stories when I was seven years old.  In those days it was mostly about fairies having a tea party.   At nineteen, I started writing a fantasy/horror novel called The Beyond.  Next was another fantasy novel The Invisible King.  My job, teaching history to tiny people was furloughed in the spring of 2020, and it has given me time to uncover my hidden desire to be a writer.  My latest work is called The Curious Life of Ada Baker and is the first in a series of paranormal crime novels about a psychic who uses her abilities, and those of her ghostly friends, to help solve crimes.  It is best described as a supernatural cosy crime novel.  I came up with the idea and wrote it over a period of four months that summer.   The novel has now been professionally edited and I'm currently searching for a literary agent to represent me.

Karen and Well Outfits -  January 06, 20
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