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Reiki Master, crystal healer and spiritual medium

Chakra Balancing Machine. Otherwise known as the Stellawave machine

Mariea Johnson is a crystal healer, reiki master, approved oracle card reader, spiritual medium and mentor amongst other things. She is also the owner of Crystal Healing Halstead; a spiritual shop on Halstead High Street, Essex, selling every manner of spiritual item, from incense to tumble stones, crystal jewellery and books.

Can you tell us about the crystal healing you provide?

As an extreme empath when offering crystal healing, I connect with my clients, and feel everything they are feeling, for example: emotions, psychical pain, heartache, anger, rage, happiness, contentment. Absolutely everything they are feeling in their life or being tormented by.

Then, using the knowledge of the crystals, which I have gained over the years, and as a result of the many crystal healing courses, and guidance from my healing guides and the spirit realm, I place the appropriate crystals on or around my clients.

Crystals all work differently; some will draw energies out of a person, some will put energy into a person, some will balance, some cleanse and some block, and so the crystal will do what ever it needs to do to help that person. For me, once I’ve finished with the client, everything I’ve felt with that client is written down and given to them for future reference.

People are often amazed that they can feel the crystals working within their own vibration immediately. Some clients report that the smallest crystal can feel like a boulder being placed on them, some experience heat or cold from the crystals, some experience a buzzing sensation, but without doubt, everyone is emotional after a session, as the energies are moved around.

Mariea giving a talk

Can you tell us about your work healing people with reiki?

As a reiki master, I offer not only mentoring but actual reiki healing sessions too. Reiki is a Japanese hands-on form of energy healing. In order to give reiki healing, you must have completed Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, and in order to teach you need to have completed Reiki 3 and Masters. Once you have completed your course and have been attuned, you may offer healing.

For me, when giving reiki healing, I connect spiritually, and call upon the reiki masters of the past and my healer guides. Then, by placing my hands on or over (client’s preference) the clients body, in specific healing points, a universal energy flows through me to the client. It is in fact the clients body that decides how much healing and in which areas it needs it. I don’t give the healing; I am merely the channel through which the healing energy flows. Clients report that they feel an energy entering their body: they feel heat, ice-cold, a vibration, or even little electric shocks. It’s different for each person and I like to think of it as being like sports injuries: sometimes we need a hot compress, sometimes a cold compress, or sometimes we just need to shake it off.

Both crystal healing and reiki can help an individual with ailments, such as: aches, pains, depression, anxiety, fear and phobia, emotional and confidence issues. In the past, I’ve also been asked to help with specific issues, such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, or chronic fatigue. Sometimes, blockages in our energy fields can manifest as an illness or ailment, and both crystals and reiki can help to move this blockage. For example, I had a client who came to me for pains in his knee. Doctors kept prescribing him pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs but couldn’t provide an explanation as to what was causing the knee weakness and the fact that it kept causing him to lose his balance. After one crystal healing session, I established his whole life was unbalanced and he was holding on to some unhealthy emotions and feelings. He felt lost and insecure within his life. After a couple of sessions, he released old stagnant emotions, sorted his feelings and his personal life, generally felt better and the knee pain went. Because his personal life was unbalanced, it manifested in the physical as a knee issue, that caused him to lose his balance in order to get his attention.

The chakra machine working - Showing its rainbow coloured lights.

You have an amazing chakra machine. Can you tell us about it?

I am also a qualified chakra balancing therapist. When I first began to offer this service many years ago, I did it by hand, using my spiritual connection and a pendulum. However, I now have the privilege of being one of the only therapists in Essex to own a Stellawave crystal light machine. It cleanses, balances and realigns your chakras with the use of seven vogue clear quartz crystals which have been infused with the appropriate colour of the chakras.

These are poised over the body and flash at a frequency personal to the client, whilst they’re relaxing and listening to binaural beats (meditation music), to balance and calm the brain.

Whilst the client is having this treatment, I also connect to my guides in the spirit world and collect some channelled information regarding the condition of the chakras and any guidance the spirits can give. If all of your chakras are cleansed, balanced and in their correct position for you, (i.e. open or closed), then you should be able to tick along quite nicely in your life.

Can you tell us about your mediumship training?

I offer mentoring in mediumship, helping individuals to connect to their spiritual side and communicate with spirit. I teach a spiritual development course, to help individuals use spiritual tools such as: pendulums, crystals balls, oracle cards, etc. I also work with children aged fourteen plus, as they are the next generation of spiritual mediums and spiritual persons.

Spooky iron gate and steps - Crystal Healing Paranormals.

Can you tell us about your work in ghost investigation?

I’m pleased to say that I’m the owner of Crystal Healing Paranormal, which is a company that takes paying clients to visit venues and conduct investigations to communicate with the spirits that remain in the building and find out their stories.

What else do you do?

I’m a trained meditation therapist and past life regression therapist. I ensure I am always highly qualified in everything I do, and for me, I have extra qualifications as I took courses when I was in my late twenties, but unfortunately having to flee a bad relationship, the certificates were lost, so I retrained and obtained new certificates. In a way, this was good for me, as I felt I truly was qualified, and had an even greater understanding of how I wanted to conduct my business and spiritual life.

Oracle Cards and a crystal ball.

What age did you realise that you were a psychic medium and why did you begin working with spirit?

My spiritual journey began at a very early age, and I can’t remember a time when I haven’t seen or felt spirit around me. As a child, the spirits that appeared to me, were described to others by my parents as ‘invisible friends’. As I grew older, into my teens, they were referred to as ‘the extras in the room’. As a child and then teenager, I didn’t truly embrace my spiritual side. In all honesty, probably because I didn’t really understand it, not having anyone

around me that was particularly spiritual. As I got older, and the family needed me less, the spiritual side of me intensified. Not only was I seeing, sensing and feeling spirit around me, they were coming to me in the form of dreams and giving me messages to relay to others. If I’m being completely honest, back then, I ignored the messages they wanted delivered; however, I did acknowledge their presence. The night-time dreams and the presence of spirit around me continued to get stronger the older I got, and I found myself slipping into premonition, or as I prefer to call them, daydreams, in the most embarrassing places and situations, to the point where I was unable to ignore spirit any longer. I received various premonitions, which came true, and finally, a rather dramatic one, which could have had a fatal outcome. I made a deal with spirit in that moment, and said that if they helped the person involved, I would work for the spirit realm for as long as I was needed, in what ever way they saw fit. Spirit did help that person and saved their life, and so, from that day forward, I work for spirit as a medium and I never ignore a message, dream, or premonition. I’m always open as a medium, never closing down as some mediums do. For me there is no clocking off time.

My interest in the crystals and healing became reignited soon after I did the deal with spirit. When I became ill with depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and agoraphobia, it was the crystals and reiki self-healing, that I truly believe helped me back to recovery. That’s when I felt that if the crystals could help me, then they could certainly help others.

So now not only was I a medium but also a healer.

A bowl of tumble stones spilling out in a variety of colours.

Do you have a spirit guide?

Earlier on in my life I had connected with a particular spirit that always seemed to be around me, but in those days, I ignored him. Once I agreed to work for spirit, I came to realise he was in fact my spirit guide and so a relationship began to form. I trusted this spirit implicitly and we became a team. To this day, he is still around me, helping and guiding me, not only with my spiritual work but personal too.

One of our first conversations was about why he became my spirit guide, and the story he told me was of a past life. Apparently, we’d met in a past life. He was a soldier and I was a nurse in a military hospital. He’d been badly injured and I’d helped nurse him. I’d also helped him to write a very important final letter home before he passed.

He said that the days I had spent caring for him had made his pain physically and emotionally less, and the compassion I had shown him whilst sitting by his bed side, reading the bible to him, and helping him write that final letter home, had brought him enough comfort that he could pass over peacefully and without regret and so he now wants to help me as I helped him.

Mariea's Shop - Crystal Healing in Halstead High Street, Essex.

What’s it like working with spirit on an everyday basis?

It’s completely normal for me, to never be in a room alone. I guarantee, no matter where I am, or who I am with, spirits are always around me. I don’t want to be seen as a Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost, so, depending on where I am, or who I am with, I’m not always able to acknowledge the spirits but I do my best.

At home, I have resident spirits, one is the gentleman that used to own the house I now live in. Another is a gentleman who was important in the Halstead area in the 1800’s, and although it’s the land rather than my house that he’s attached to, we regularly have conversations. I have a young lad by the name of Tom. Although he is connected to my work premises, he comes home with me, preferring the home life, to the business. I also have various other spirits who I’ve collected over the years, who come and go quite regularly. I also have family and friends who regularly drop in and a lot of spirit animals. So on any one day, my home is buzzing with spirits, and yes, sometimes they do cause chaos, aggravating the dog, or the birds, moving things, making noises, all to freak out family members who can’t see them.

Quite often, I can be walking down a street, and in front of me, the street will transform into how it would have looked in a different time period, or I may be in a building and again it transforms into how it once looked. Usually, there is a spirit connected to that time period, that wants to be acknowledged.

Driving along in the car, spirits are regularly seen at the sides of the roads or in fields. Visiting other people’s homes - spirits love it when they realise, finally, someone can see them and it’s the same when staying at hotels. Life is never dull.

Spirits captured on a ghost app at one of the paranormal events.

Some mediums switch off their mediumship abilities at 5 o’clock, but I can’t do that. I promised to always work for the highest good and if I’m clocking off at five, I’m missing spirits that need me, and that’s not what I agreed to. Plus, I love my life. Generally, the only times I switch off, is if I go to a hospital, as they can be extremely busy and draining sometimes, with spirits literally only just transitioned, and being very confused, angry, or upset. I also switch off sometimes at funerals, because it can become difficult if the loved one that’s passed away is dancing up and down the aisle or asking for messages to be delivered at an inappropriate time.

With modern technology, I’m able to talk out loud to spirits whenever I need to. I simply put a finger up to my ear and pretend I’m talking into an ear pod, or I hold my phone to my mouth as if I’m talking to someone on the mobile phone.

As a paranormal investigator, I can freely talk to the spirits in the rooms without any strange looks and that’s why paranormal investigations are one of my favourite activities.

Generally, when I visit a venue before an event, I go along to communicate with the spirits there and learn their stories, so I know on the night of the event if the customers are accessing the correct information.

It’s awesome, because the spirits will freely talk to me and will even allow me to see their home as it was in their time. Some of the spirits I encounter are stuck here, not knowing how to complete their transition over to the spirit world, and I will always help them in any way I can, even if it means I can’t book a venue as I’ve just helped the resident spirit to leave.

For me, paranormal is about connecting with the spirits and learning why they remain in that location, and if they need help, I will give it to them.

I have lots of paranormal investigations booked for 2023 so if you would like to follow our page you can always book in to join us or at least watch some of the videos from past events:

You can follow my healing and spiritual page, where you will always find lots of information, guidance, healing, freebies and opportunity to book healing:

The chakra balancing Stellawave machine

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