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  • Karen Hamilton-Viall

Ghostly funeral

Here is another tale of the paranormal from my friend, who experienced the castle ghosts in my previous post. Throughout history, people have reported seeing phantom funerals. Sometimes the person sees themselves or someone they know being carried in a coffin. A short time later, that person is found dead, and it is considered a portent of doom. Although she saw no funeral, and nobody died, I can't help thinking of these stories. It's certainly strange, what do you think?:

One year during the six-week holidays my sister, our friends, and I tried to use ouija boards. We had a few successes. One where the glass cracked all the way down. We didn’t tell our mum what we’d been messing with, but there after strange things started to happen. I was seeing a lady in a long white dress sitting by the window in the room I shared with my sister and the house just felt off.

One night I woke up. I knew without looking that my sister had woken up, too. We both lay quiet and listening. Outside of our window, coming up the road from the direction of the river, we could hear the steady chime of a bell. It was strange because we could both sense exactly where it was. Just chiming once every few seconds. It came up the very middle of the road until it grew level with our bedroom window. We sensed it turning and slowly making its way towards the window. The chiming still came in a steady beat. It passed through the window and paused in the middle of the room between our beds. Neither of us moved or said anything. There was nothing to see, just the feeling of something being there and the chiming of the bell. After a moment, it turned again and went through the wall into our mum’s room.

The next morning, we told our mum what had happened. She was sceptical and said she had heard nothing.

That night, it happened again. We both woke up at the same time and listened to it make its way up from the river into our room through the window and pass into our mum’s room.

The third night it happened, our mum heard it too and then it stopped, and we never heard it again, but so did all the sightings of the woman in white. The strange atmosphere in the house lifted as well.

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