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Healing Body & Soul

Angelic Reiki, Akashic Records & Pellowah

Eunice is a fully qualified Crystal Healer and Energy Trainer who studied at the Crystal Heart school in Glastonbury and has been practising crystal healing since 2013. She can also access the Akashic record for clients to help them on their soul journeys and, more recently, has become attuned to the Pellowah modality. She is a qualified shamanic therapist providing soul retrieval, past life regression, cord cutting, sound healing, and drumming sessions. Eunice is also a qualified tarot reader.

How did you start on your current path? I’m sixty-two and from the age of sixteen, I was reading tarots. So, it’s always been something that I’ve been interested in and felt drawn towards. From the age of five I can remember feeling, “Gosh, I’m awake!”. I knew who I was, where I was, and I felt I was different. I’m not saying in an odd sense as such, but I knew when things were going to happen. I had this way of knowing that it’ll be fine; it’s ok, I can do this, I can do that. I knew I was guided, that I was being helped, and I work with my guide and my angels. I’m able to use them when I do readings. I’ve always been able to link psychically. When I met people, I was able to know if they were right for me or not. I could go into a room and feel that the room wasn’t right. I could go to a place and I know it didn’t feel right. One of the things I do as an aside is that people will ask me to their home, because they’re being pestered by ghosts, poltergeists or somebody’s visiting them too much. I give them advice and I work with the drum, because inshamanic we use the drum. I have a drumming ceremony where I help spirits to leave. I suppose, from my perspective, it’s always been a part of my life.

I was in the nursing profession for thirty-eight years. I retired because I had a stroke. When I had this stroke, I died and left this earthly plane. I went up, so I was able to see what happens after death and that was a unique experience for me. It was profound. I didn’t want to go back because when I went there; I knew I was home. I thought to myself, “Thank God, I’m home! I’m home! I’m home!”, but they sent me back. They said I wasn’t finished. I was only fifty-six at the time. They said I’ve got more work to do, and I had to carry on with the spirituality. It’s quite a part of my life, runes, tarot readings, mediumship. When I’ve been doing readings for people, I’ve been able to see spirits walk in of their dead relatives and say, “Did your dad look like this?”

There’s a lot of people out there who do mediumship, tarot etc, but I was drawn to soul mediumship because it’s different. When you do tarots or a reading for someone, you channel messages coming through. I can hear sometimes what the relative is saying, trying to get messages over to the other person. With soul mediumship, it’s quite different because it’s all about the soul. Your soul, and connecting with your soul, so it’s different from normal mediumship, because you’re accessing the blueprint of that person’s soul. Our blueprint is within our DNA and there are twelve strands in the DNA. When you go into soul mediumship, you’ve got to have a teacher to help you learn how to go into another dimension. Because what you're doing is, you’re going into a place where you can connect with the source. You can call the source God or whoever you feel is there. For me, having had a near death experience, I definitely know there’s a God. I felt a connection. I know that there’s something, that there is a God, sorry, but there is. With soul mediumship, you’re actually able to raise your vibration, you raise your frequency, and you’re able to pass through a doorway. It helps you to go into where the Akasha is kept.

There was a lady called Madam Blavatsky. She was part of the spiritual movement in the nineteenth century and she realised we could do soul mediumship. We could go into the soul. The Akasha is where every deed, thought and emotion we have is recorded. Everything that’s ever happened to every one of us, whether on planet earth or on other planets. Wherever they are in the universe, that’s where all the records are stored. During a soul mediumship reading, I will have permission from the person who wants the reader to go into their Akashic records. What I’m given is very fast information. It’s like a download, it’s so much. It happens very quickly. You’re given pictures. Have you read your friend’s record? Most people don’t, because it’s for themselves, because one of the things that you do with a soul reading is you heal. It’s a healing tool. It helps the person to understand why certain things in this life affect them. Why they respond in certain ways, why they are angry and they don’t know why, for example. When I go into the Akashic records, I’m given all their lives. They could have had thousands of lives, but what’s given to me is snippets of different lives to focus on. What I can do from that is to ascertain what it is that’s causing their anxiety. They’ll say to me, “In certain situations I feel this”, and when I go in and see what’s happened in previous lives, it marries up. I don’t think I’m in control of that. I think it’s being given to me. This avenue of helping people has only recently been made available. It’s not something that’s been done for a long time.

Do you know why that is? Were people not ready for it? It’s because we didn’t know it. We hadn’t been given it. I think we’re given information as human beings when we’re supposed to have it. If you compare where we were a hundred years ago to where we are today. Oh my God! We’ve got aeroplanes, mobile phones. I can talk to you like this (on Zoom). A hundred years ago, if I told you that’s what I could do, you’d tell me I was absolutely barking mad. So I believe soul medium ship has come in a little later. Throughout Victorian times, there were lots of mediums. We seem to be progressing and I believe that we’re in a time of enlightenment. As human beings were becoming more aware of the light and we are moving into a fifth dimension. We’re evolving as human beings. I think that’s why there’s been such an escalation in spirituality lately, because when I was sixteen, I hid what I could do, because people would say, “She’s a witch!” I’ve never been a witch. I’ve never been interested in being a witch. All I had is an ability which I kept hidden.

When I was a nurse, I could walk down the ward and I’d know that chappie over there; he’s going to arrest. He’s going to die. Because I could see the spirit, so I would make sure that I was in the vicinity of that person. It sounds bizarre speaking about it; I don’t normally, but there were things that I was able to do and help people with because of this ability. So I think it’s helped me to help people. I’m not saying I’ve saved people’s lives, but maybe I was able to help in some way.

Soul mediumship is very interesting. The essence of any reading, there are four principles attached to it. One is that when you go in, there’s a procedure we have to go through. There are certain things I have to say to be allowed to go in. I’m always protected by my guardians and I work with archangel Michael. He was the one the one that held me when I went to the other side, when I died and he wouldn’t let me go and I really wanted to stay. It’s still emotive to me, even though it was six years ago. I really wanted to stay on the other side because I was home but he held me and he said, “No, not now.” I could see where I needed to go and everything, but he sent me back. I know that working with him has helped me, but when you go in, you have to listen, you have to listen carefully to what comes through. You have to trust what you’re given. Once you’ve said the person's name that you’ve done the soul mediumship reading for; you have to trust whatever comes through, no matter how sad. Some things that I see are very sad, but we have to say it. Everything that is given to us is part of existence. It’s already done. There’s no future, no past, no present. It’s all together. It’s already done. This is it. It’s bizarre, but we are the actual embodiment of the Akasha. When you go in, whatever is given to you for that reading is for that person to help them.

Is it something you have to do in person, or in the current climate can you do it online? It’s online. I’ve got a young man who will be calling this evening. All that I have to do is have a conversation. I just need to connect with the person. I need their full name, because that’s what’s in the Akashas. If I can see the person, or have had a conversation on the phone, I can pick up their essence, because that’s what it’s about. It’s about being able to connect. It’s the same as when I do any reading. When I’m reading someone’s palm I hold the hand, so I connect with the energy. All we are is energy. That’s one of the things I knew when I went to the other side, that we’re just pure energy. We’re this energy and we’re eternal. We live forever; we are forever, but we choose to come down to earth to experience whatever we need to experience on the earth plain. I love doing my soul readings. I think they’re brilliant.

Can I give you an example?

Eighteen months ago, a man in his fifties came to me and said, “I’ve been searching all my life for my soul mate.”

I said, "Ok, so what "do you think?”

“I want to know will I find my soul mate?”

I said ok, if that’s the question you want me to ask when I’m going, I’ll ask the question. So I did. I went in for him and asked the question. I was shown a scene, and I knew it was him. In his arms lay a beautiful, dying lady. She died, but then I heard them having a conversation because when you die, we go to where we go, and they had this conversation. They had a soul agreement that she would not come back in this lifetime, and so I had to tell him. You’re told when you do soul mediumship that no matter what’s said to you, you must relay it to the client. They need to know.

I said to him, “It’s up to you whether you believe this or not, but in this lifetime you won’t find your soul mate. Because you and she made an agreement that she wouldn’t be here. She wanted a rest from the earth plain.” She decided she was going to stay where they stay and he wouldn’t find her here. When I relayed that to him, it turned his life around. He’s completely different. He says it’s given him a new perspective now, because he’s not searching anymore.

I said, “I’m not saying there won’t be a lady in your life because I feel that there will, but you need to lighten up and enjoy your life, and not keep searching for this perfect person. Your soul mate’s not here.” I spoke to him only a couple of days ago and he’s so much better in himself. It took the pressure off. He hasn’t got to keep searching.

The other thing you do is angelic reiki? You have to be attuned to angelic reiki. When you’re attuned, it enables you to make a connection with the angels and the archangels and any other guides who are about. When you’re with a client, you channel the healing that the client needs into them. You have to lay your hands on to the person and the healing is fed through. And clients will say they can feel the power of the energy flowing through them, so that’s quite lovely. It doesn’t take too long to do. When I’m doing it, I actually feel where their problems are, and the angels go where they need to go and do the healing.

I’m also a crystal healer. I trained for about three years in the use of crystals, because there are four thousand crystals which can be used. You have to understand the chakras, the energy fields, the meridians, and the life force that runs through you, your chi. When they put acupuncture needles in, they put it on certain meridians on your body, so you have to understand all of that. You have to understand the various auras of our body.

Can you see auras? I can. Not always. Sometimes it’s muted but sometimes it’s brighter. A client who visited the other day blew me away, because when she came through the door, her aura was so bright. She’s a solicitor, and she’d been coming to me for a few months. She was going through a lot of problems. When she first came to me, she was quite dull. But when she came to me this time, she was vibrant.

I said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe it. You’re so vibrant.”

She said, “I feel so much better in myself.”

I said, “I’m so very pleased.” And that’s with crystal healing. Placing crystals on certain points on the chakras of your body. I work with energy as well, just allowing the energy to flow through the crystals and that has wonderful effects on clients going through physical, mental, or spiritual problems. It seems to balance the whole body, and that’s what we want. We want balance within our chakras to keep the energy flowing, and that’s what I’m doing with crystals.

You also provide Pellowah. What is that? Pellowah is a new modality that came out in 2003. An Australian lady called Kachina Mann discovered it. She was a healer who had a very profound experience, and connected to this energy that she was told was called Pellowah. When she visited different areas of the globe, she could make a connection with this Pellowah energy. She wrote a training manual and could attune people to it. You have to be attuned to Pellowah. When I had my first Pellowah attunement, I was just totally blown away, because I used to have a monkey mind. Talking all the time. My brain never shut up. [LAUGHS]. Whereas once I had Pellowah, it stopped. It gives you clarity of mind. It raises your consciousness and enables you to stand back in situations and not feel emotionally involved. You know when you’re in an upsetting situation, once you’ve attuned to Pellowah, it gives you that feeling that you’ve got control. It’s bizarre. It is a kind of detachment because you’re able to separate yourself and it calms you down and makes you think. I’m not too laissez-fair, but I’m definitely able to get through life without too much anxiety and stress. Able to deal with things and see people as well. You see people truly as they are, so it’s a very profound, absolutely brilliant healing modality. I really love Pellowah.

What happened to me was, I went over to Australia, to meet Kachina Mann, because she was the only one that could attune me to become a teacher of Pellowah. When I went through the attunement, and this is going to sound crazy, but I heard my wings. I heard feathers; I heard wings. I said to her, “I know this might sound mad to you, but I heard my wings.” So I feel I have wings, after all this time.

“Yes,” she said, “there has to be earth angels.”

I’m able to teach and attune people to Pellowah now. I’m only one of two teachers in the UK. I was out of the country for a while, so I haven’t been doing much teaching but the other lady, she’s doing quite a few. She’s obviously attuning a lot of people to this new modality because it’s very new. It’s an amazing thing. The experiences people have had, has changed their lives somewhat because it stops you from worrying. You know. Seeing things from a different perspective, calmer.

Can I ask about the healing? What sort of things you can heal? Is it arthritis, aches and pains, diseases, anything? People come to me with anxiety and depression. They come to me because of back injuries, whatever. I had a lady who had a brain tumour who came to me; it was cancer. So I can see cancer people. What we never say is that we can cure people. We can’t say that and I would never say I can cure anyone. All I know is that I can alleviate the symptoms.

I have someone with bipolar who is going through a difficult time at the minute. She came to me yesterday for a healing, and at the end of it she said, “Oh thank God, I feel so much better.” She was so much calmer. She feels the relief of it. I use crystal healing on her.

I used crystal healing once on a lady with a brain tumour. This was some years ago. She went for a scan after she’d been coming to me for about three months and the scan showed the tumour had shrunk. I’m not saying that was me, I can’t say that, I can never say it’s what I’ve done. All I can say is that maybe I had some part of it. Maybe I was part of that healing that went on. Don’t forget, when I’m doing a healing, it’s not just me that’s pushing that healing energy through. It’s also the guardians, angels and all the helpers that come from the spiritual side who come through.

Does the healing have to be in person, or can you do that online as well? You can do distance healing for crystals. Because I teach crystal healing, I’ve got a school. The angelic crystal healing school. We’re accredited by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association), so we’re kosher. There’s a lot of people who pertain to be teachers etc, and they’re not accredited. They’ve probably done a course for £29 or whatever. I worry about it because crystals are very strong. They raise your vibration. Our frequency is about 67 MHz. A piece of clear quartz runs at about 300 MHz, so it raises your vibration and it goes into the molecules. It’s molecular, so it actually helps you at that in-depth state. You have to be careful what you use and where you use it.

I have a huge amethyst geode that my dad brought me as a child. I’ve always wondered what its uses are? Oh wonderful. Amethyst, that’s for raising psychic abilities.

Oh wow! Yes, absolutely. It’s also a very good healing tool and for calming you down and it’s also good for insomnia. So if you don’t sleep, put it in your bedroom or by your bed because it’s good for that too. As a nurse, I had to be extremely careful, because you have to have permission. You can’t do anything for a patient without permission. You have to be so careful. But if someone was dying, a piece of amethyst under their pillow, I’m not saying that it will do any harm. It actually helps and lavender obviously. We don’t use our holistic tools enough. There are enough holistic tools out there for us to manage without the amount of pain relief we search for. I had a car crash when I was thirty, so I’ve got a degenerative back, and before I became a user of crystals, I went quite some time in a lot of pain. I was quite restricted. I was a nurse, and it was difficult to do my job, so I went into management and teaching. I moved out of the ward environment because of the back injury. What I found was clear quartz. I had a piece of clear quartz and I had all this pain in my back, and I thought, right, I’m going to put this clear quartz on my back, and I did. At the time, I was taking Tramadol. It’s very strong pain relief, and I used it to keep the pain at bay so I could function. I used a piece of clear quartz. Within 10-15 minutes, the pain had gone. I kept the analgesia off and I can honestly say that I don’t take any pain relief now. If I feel a twinge. If it starts to play up, I just get a piece of clear quartz, stick it on my back and you're away.

Is that something anybody could use, a piece of clear quartz, or do you need special abilities? Oh yes, anybody could use it. If you suffer from migraines or headaches, just place it on your temple and 10-15 minutes later it’s gone. Try it!

I saw you visit mind, body and soul festivals. Do you have any coming up? Yes, we do different events. You’re down south, aren’t you? We’re in Staffordshire. We’ve got a few coming up. There’s one on the second of October in Cannock, near Walsall (between Birmingham and Stafford).

They’re good to do. We used to run our own events, but we had to stop because my daughter got pregnant, she’s now got a little one. It’s very demanding, putting events on. Not only organising the people coming, but the venue, making sure health and safety requirements are met, you name it, and with covid, everything came to a stop. I think it’s had a profound effect on everyone.

I’ve been doing tarot reading since I was about nineteen. I had a ten year spread that mentioned a period of stagnation for the first few years of this decade. I didn’t understand it at the time but perhaps it was referring to covid or my own period of inactivity due to covid. I don’t think I have psychic abilities, though.

I think everyone has psychic abilities; I don’t think anyone can say that. We can all connect to the energy. There’s an electromagnetic field that runs around the whole earth. Each one of us can connect to that energy. You know about Tesla and how he could have made us all able to have energy for free? It got to the stage where he could have produced energy for us worldwide, globally. If he’d been allowed to, but there’s more money in gas, electric and oil. Nobody wants to give you free energy, do they, but there you go. The energy is there, it’s in the earth, we can use it. We can connect to it. Every single person can do that and I have someone who’s coming to me to learn how to connect to become an energy healer. She only wants to do it for family and friends, but I’m going to teach her how to connect with that energy and then she can heal. Because we can all connect to it, it’s just that you need to learn how to do that.

That sounds amazing. If I could have the gift to learn how to do anything, it would be to learn how to heal. If you help someone, it must be a brilliant feeling to see them not in pain anymore. My husbands in a lot of pain with his arthritis and I feel useless, unable to help.

Get a piece of clear quartz, with a nice long point. Pop it in his hands and leave it there. My hairdresser who I’ve been going to for years, about three years ago, complained to me about his hands. He’s been having problems holding the scissors and cutting etc. He’s in his 50s. He was wearing a splint. He knows I do healing, but he’s always pooh-poohed me. I never force myself on anyone. I suppose that’s the way I am. I said to him; you want to take a piece of clear quartz, pop it inside your splint, and the next time I come and see you, let me know how you’re getting on. He was due to see a surgeon and have an operation done. It would have completely ruined his hands. He wouldn’t have been able to do his job anymore. The next time I went he said, “I’m not admitting it’s anything to do with the clear quartz, but it’s so much better.” Three years on, he’s still cutting hair, still able to do his job. I talk to him about it, and he told me recently that if he has a few twinges, he puts the clear quartz on, and it’s gone. I said, “There you go.” He says people won’t believe it. If you told them, they wouldn’t believe it. We’re not allowed to say we cure you. All we’re doing is relieving symptoms. That’s another example. Do you want another?

A farmer. I live very rural. Where I live is out in the sticks, so people come to see me. Now, farmers are the most basic people. They tell you black is black and white is white, there’s nothing in between. I knew his wife, and he came to me because he was suffering and he still had work to do. He was in his early 70s. He came through the door, using two sticks. He couldn’t walk, because of his legs and back, so I gave him crystal healing. He came to me every fortnight over a period of time and after a couple of months; the sticks were gone.

Then the last time he said, “I don’t think I need to come anymore.”

I said, “I don’t think you need to either. I think you’re fine now.”

He told me he can jump over the walls now. It’s all stone walls round here.

It’s been an interesting journey for me, being able to develop all these new modalities. We started off as just angelic crystal healing, but as time moved on, we started to attune to all the different things, such as Pellowah, reiki, and the shaman aspect of what I do. I give sound healing and people love past life regression. Also the soul mediumship, so I feel that we’ve moved on from angelic crystal healing and we’re now Blue butterfly holistic therapies and I think that puts us in a nutshell. My daughter does YouTube videos, and she’s been doing them for three years now. There’s quite a few out there now of all the different things she links to. She’s brilliant too.

All photos of collections of crystals, and the huge amethyst geode are Eunice's. The close-up photos are mine.

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