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Me & My Shadow - An interview with Psychic Medium Mike Baker

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Mike Baker is a talented psychic medium who has been communicating with his spirit guide Sukata since he was twenty-three years old. Now at seventy-nine he and Sukata are ready to show the world that life after death really exists. He's written a book about his remarkable life experiences and has a new show Me and My Shadow which he promises will be extraordinary and give definitive proof of life beyond the grave. He wants to be given the chance to prove on national TV that there is life after death.

When did you have your first psychic experience?

For me, it all started when I was nineteen years of age. My mother and father were involved in spiritualism and were young mediums. I didn't know much about it and my sister didn't either; we weren't interested. We had a newsagent shop on a very busy main road. I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a man standing at the bottom of my bed. It was a shocking moment, obviously, when it happened. It took me a while to get over it and I couldn't sleep for about a month. My father said, well what did he look like? That eased my mind, and I got back to normality, when suddenly it happened again. The man was at the bottom of the bed. He made a complete materialisation, almost a solid form, forty-six times in twelve weeks. I marked the wallpaper with a pencil, that's how I knew how many times it was. That man was my great grandfather, who'd been awarded the military medal in WW1. He was a very brave man. He dived on a bomb to save his colleagues and his left leg was blown off. Why had he suddenly appeared to me? At that time I'd become a young athlete, a rower. I wanted to row for England. I wanted to make the Olympic games. I was a single scull specialist (a single scull is a one man rowing boat used by athletes). Great granddad was an old rowing man himself. I realised that possibly he was coming because he was pleased at the progress I was making as a rower. I got into the England squad and sculled with the Diamond Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta. Granddad must have foreseen that was coming, presumably, and that's why he made those appearances to me. I never saw granddad arrive. I'd always be asleep and wake up and then he'd be there. He would stand for about three minutes, then suddenly he'd raise his left hand. He'd turn towards the window and smile and as the form turned, it completely broke up and it was like looking at hundreds of stars in front of your eyes. It was a mass of twinkly little stars, all beautiful colours, and then it was gone. I now realise that they are atoms and electrons that make up mass or matter. Our own bodies are 3D, we're solid. Atoms & electrons revolve at a certain speed, form a three-dimensional object and become solid. Atoms & electrons revolving at a higher speed, a higher frequency will become invisible. They move in a different dimension so the spirit form exists of that make up. That's why a ghost can walk through a wall, because a wall does not exist to a spirit form. So I understand now the make up of the spirit form. Basically, since nineteen, I've known of life after death.

We moved from the shop to a house only about a mile away. I was an athlete at that point and I was winning cups and things at rowing. I was training very hard and never had much time to go out and meet people. My parents started a meditation group in the house. There were eight people involved in all and they asked me to join in. I wasn't really interested to be honest, although I could never forget great granddad and the experience. There was a young lady sitting in the circle and I fancied her. I didn't have time to go chasing girls because of my training programme. I thought, hmm if I sit in this meditation group, I may get a date with Karen. That was the carrot that was dangled in front of me so I joined the group. This lasted roughly twelve weeks, I think about three or four months. I didn't get a date with Karen. Nothing happened there. I was on the point of giving up this meditation route, thinking it's all lovey-dovey, this sitting in silence in a semi-light. Nothing was happening. Just as I was going to give up, I thought, well, when I've finished, I'll tell everybody that I don't want to come anymore. That was the night that this Indian spirit guide, who I now know was a Native American Sioux Indian, first came to me. He died in the Battle of the Little Bighorn with General Custer in America. When the Apache, the Sioux and the Cheyenne attacked the US Cavalry. Roughly 1876, that was when he died. His name is Sukata (pronounced Sue-car-ta). It means brave chief or chief brave. The two words have different meanings. He made himself present to me. Now it would take forever to explain exactly, but he touched me. I felt it. I had moved. My shoulders were moved. I was eventually in a rocking sensation, sitting on the chair, and I felt the urge to stand up. So my mother said "Well stand up, stand up!" So I stood up, and that was the most wonderful moment of my life. At twenty-three years of age, as I stood up I felt like a lace curtain, a piece of lace net if you like had been dropped over me and I was inside this lace feeling. I could see the cover there in front of my eyes and it completely covered me all down my body. I felt somebody else was trying to influence me, not getting inside of me, but somebody else was holding me. Then I found I couldn't speak, I tried not to look stupid and speak and all I could say was Su-Ka-Ta. That was all I could say. I got those three sounds out. I think I said it about three times but this lace shot back up. It went past my eyes, up through the ceiling, beautiful colours like a rainbow. I know now it was the spirit of Sukata. He touched me. We made contact. He was now going, and that's what dying must actually feel like. At twenty-three years of age, this Indian spirit form became my other half and of course it goes on and on from then. He's been with me fifty-four years, I think it is now.

You've been running live broadcasts on your Facebook page every Saturday at 11.00AM (GMT). You have lots of people online asking you questions, Sukata talking to you and presumably spirits of relatives talking too. It reminds me of teaching a class full of children, all talking at the same time, which always leaves me feeling exhausted. Is it tiring running these shows?

I do feel quite shattered when I'm finished, but what thrills me about that, because I've not done that sort of thing before, is the speed at which the communication can come at me. I'm thrilled to bits with it, really. Of course I make the odd boo-boo but he's so accurate, on seven out of ten of those names he will be bang on and the information is instant. Things like a lady from South Africa, Johannesburg, the name flashed up on the screen and it was like "Hi, I'm from Johannesburg, it's the first time I've joined you" and straight away, the tune "Happy Birthday to You" Went and clicked off in my head in seconds so I sang the song and said "Happy Birthday" and she typed back straight away, "Oh my God, it's my birthday." That was inside ten to fifteen seconds. There was one the other day from Scotland. The name flashed up and I started to rock about a bit and move and said "Oh you're moving, moving, moving!" I said, "Somebody's on the move. I've got Scotland in my mind and the initial A" and she typed back "we are moving to Scotland next week." And I said "Well I had Aberdeen." and she said we're moving to Angus which is part of Aberdeen and that was in seconds. I realised that the spirit world can move at the speed of the internet. It's the same principle, it's a satellite reflecting information back to us as it were. Then as the names come up, a grandmother or father or someone in the spirit world is there, they know that person is going to call me and very often in seconds I've got granddad or mum or dad, birthdays, dates the lot. I know now at this stage of the game for me to do Me and my shadow, this is going to cause quiet a shock this time. My dream was always to be on television, to demonstrate on TV and when I made the news, years ago in London, they banned me. They wouldn't put me on. I did a pilot show for Thames TV in Teddington Studios where I used to live and Sukata was good then, he's a lot better now. Even then it scared them off and they wouldn't put me on. I believe I've found the way through. In fact, I don't believe, I know it. I've found the way through to the spirit world. I can do it at will. I can work like an automatic telephone, it's absolutely incredible. I've got wonderful visual senses and I'm not young. I've got the most powerful, the most wonderful spirit guide I think there is ever. When I go on that stage when we start in August, this is going to cause a major shock. If it does, hopefully the mass media will say, we've got to take a look at this guy and please God they will let me go on television so the entire country can see me and Sukata do something. I'd love to do that because it'll bring hope to thousands of people who've lost their Covid relatives and it'll show everybody that although this is a tough world and no life will be particularly easy; If you do lose the game or whatever, there is another world that you are moving into. I'd like to settle that argument once and for all.

Many people are sceptics - Does it matter if people believe in life after death or not? Will they still end up in the spirit world?

It doesn't make any difference. They have no choice at all as at birth. You know little about your birth, you're a tiny baby, you wake up, that's it and you're here. I had a huge argument with Paul Daniels, the magician. He didn't believe in a damn thing; he said it was all you know what. It doesn't matter if they believe, we're subject to the same laws. As soon as the spirit form leaves the body, it will go into the spirit world. Now, if you are a nonbeliever, then of course you're going to get a double shock. Not only realising you're there, you're then going to realise that you were wrong. You were mistaken; you were very wrong. I mean you can be a nonbeliever but still be a good person. So you don't necessarily get punished but I think they receive a double shock because they didn't believe in anything.

I talked to him in the end. I acknowledged his existence and told him I needed to live there too, that I didn't have anywhere else to go and after that things quietened down.

You broke the ice by doing that, that was very wise. You did exactly the right thing there. From the church's point of view, you've got all this business of hold the crucifix up you know and all this stuff. They've got some of the right ideals to a certain degree, if it was really mischievous, but the best way is to do what you did, it's to talk. "I know you're here." But usually overall, nature's law is such that every human being is completely protected and it isn't possible then to come back and strangle you or to do anything like that, you know. The only time that I came across evil in a really big way, although I worked on several murder cases. I'd finally been asked to go on the Yorkshire Ripper case. Peter Sutcliffe had been going for five years. Had I gone there then, without doubt, word of Sukata would have gone around the world because I would have caught Sutcliffe. I give you my word on that. I'll tell you what happened. The Metropolitan police contacted the Leeds police. The police in Leeds phoned me. We had a conversation, and they said, "Look, do you think you can do this, you've been highly recommended?"

"Yes," I said, "I can do something with this."

They said, "Well what do you want?"

I said, "I need ten days." I knew I could do it in a week, but I asked him to give me ten days. "Give me police accommodation. Tell nobody I'm coming. I just want to be assigned one or two officers. That's it. I'll take you from there."

He said, "Ok you've got it." It was all arranged I was going.

In my house in Teddington, I had a beautiful meditation room at the top of the house. I went up there and I started to prepare information on the Yorkshire Ripper because I knew I was going. I think this was the Thursday night. I was due to go the following Wednesday, so I was in my room, making notes and I'm trying to pick up info, when somebody extremely evil, I mean the most evil thing I've ever come across entered the room and swore at me and it was a man and he defied me to catch or name the Ripper. He defied me to do it and the feeling was awful and I said look; I know who you are, but the minute my guide gets into this room you've had it. Well within seconds, Sukata appeared, and this entity left. It was a dreadful, horrible feeling. Anyway, I'd made some notes, and I wrote down in that next hour that the Yorkshire Ripper lived in Bradford, he lived in a district with the initial H and there was a number six on the front door and he had a connection with lorry driving. Basically, that amounted to Sutcliffe in the district of Heaton, Bradford, and he lived in number six and of course he was a lorry driver. Just those little titbits of information, had I gone to Leeds, the police on the case would have said "That's Sutcliffe!" because they'd interviewed him nine times and I'm quite sure that I'd have got the rest of it as well. I'd written all this down on the Thursday and on the Friday night. They caught Sutcliffe in Leeds with false registration plates on his car. There was an announcement on BBC Radio on Sunday. I think it was about six o'clock, "Police in Leeds have detained a man in connection with the Yorkshire Ripper case," and Sukata said to me, they have caught the Ripper, little brother you will not be needed to go there. So I phoned the police station on the Monday morning and spoke to the sergeant.

He said, "Oh Mr Baker, Mr Baker! We're looking forward to seeing you."

I said, "Well I was too but I won't be coming now."

He said, "Why's that?"

"I said you got him. I know it's the Ripper, you've got him. It's all over."

I never went. It was days before I was going; it had been five years, and they'd caught him, and that was Sutcliffe. That was my clash with an evil force from the spirit world. The other murders I worked on, it was creepy when you're dealing with evil and there is a dark side, which obviously does still exist, even in the next life to a degree but I was always well protected. My life was threatened on one murder that I worked on because they knew I was on to it. I had a death threat on my answer phone but apart from that, good will always overcome bad, always, the spirit world is a wonderful place, there's no doubt about that and the evil is well what can I say, taken care of but it does have its chance.

What's your most memorable spiritual interaction?

Elvis Presley. I had an office in the West End of London. A gentleman came for an appointment called James Cameron. Jimmy Cameron turned out to be the manager for Mecca ballrooms East Anglia. He'd lost his mother. During his appointment with me, his mother came and gave evidence. Actually, she told me how she'd died. She'd died in a fall in a tenement in Glasgow. I explained it. I gave him the house number as well.

He said, "My God, that was my mother!" and he had very good evidence.

Jimmy only came to me because his secretary had been to me and of course people pass the word.

Then Jimmy said, "Can you get anybody?"

I said, "Well as long as you're not talking about Hitler or something stupid like that."

"Can you get Elvis?" he asked

"Well, he's in the same place as your mother," I responded.

Elvis had been gone about four years. I told Jimmy I would have to go home, send my prayers, and ask.

"Do it! I want to know if you can bring Elvis Presley on Thursday night to Norwich, we've got a big Elvis Presley memorial night. Let me know if you can communicate with Elvis."

So I went home, said my prayers and spoke to Sukata. Sukata said if you go to Norwich, to the seaside town of Great Yarmouth; we can bring Elvis Presley to you on that evening but it must be 10.00-10.30pm. We have a thirty-minute spot when we can bring him to you. So I phoned Jimmy back and said "It's all on I can do it." Jimmy arranged transport, and I had an interview on early evening television, about a quarter past six on Anglia TV.

The presenter said, "We've got a psychic chap here, he's going down to the Mecca ballroom at Great Yarmouth and you're going to talk to Elvis," he said laughing.

"Yes." I said.

"It's a stunt, isn't it?"

"No, I said my prayers, Elvis will be there. You want to see it, you get your television cameras and come down and see it."

The presenter suddenly realised it wasn't a joke. He didn't know what to say for a minute. He finished the interview and wished me the best of luck. He apologised to me just before I left the studio. I said come down, be there, but he didn't come. At ten pm that evening there were two thousand people and the local newspaper reporter was there covering the story. I spoke to Elvis for seventeen minutes and proved he was there. It was incredible; it was wonderful.

"Elvis, You've got to tell me stuff nobody else knows as it's the only way to settle it." I said.

Elvis said Priscilla has just bought some tickets for a cruise for her and Lisa Marie. He described the clothes Priscilla and Lisa Marie were wearing at that time. Elvis then said to me they'd just knocked a wall down in his house, not Gracelands, Elvis had more than one house. He had a house in LA. They'd apparently knocked a wall down to make a trophy room bigger and that was true. I was looking on the stage. There were some guitars there and Elvis said, "That was one of my guitars. I played that guitar." When I mentioned it. A chap in the audience who was obviously in the band, said "That's right mate. That was an actual guitar that Elvis played." When the man put his hand up in the air, Elvis said, "He's wearing one of my rings," and the bloke again said, "That's right, this ring here was one that Elvis wore."

Now I asked Elvis twelve questions he answered seven, it was all checked out in America and a local newspaperman who covered the story that night said, "Michael I wasn't sure what to make of it when you came here tonight but having just watched you I truly believe you've actually done what you said you'd do. I can't believe what we've just seen was real."

"It was, it was!" I said.

"You know what'll happen now, they'll want you to do it again," he responded.

"Well, I'm ready when you are," Elvis said that. "Elvis said to ask you a question, Michael. He said will you do this with me again?"

Well, all the media ran away. The Manchester edition of the sun carried a short story. The local newspaper was the Norfolk Gazette or something. They did the story but the BBC and everyone else, they all ran away. I never got the chance to do it again, but the story reached Gracelands and America. Then over comes Charlie Hodge who lived with Elvis. He was Elvis's sound man. Charlie Hodge was desperate to meet me, so we arranged to meet in a flat in North Hampstead, London. I'm in the flat with some of the guys who were at the show that night. The band was there, the Elvis Presley fan club people and Charlie Hodge.

Charlie said to me, "So you're the guy that spoke to El?" They used to call him Els.

I said, "Yeah."

"Really?" I knew Charlie couldn't believe it. I knew that, but to my surprise I looked across the corner of the room and I saw a head and shoulders with beautiful white leather and tassels hanging from this top he was wearing. I saw the head and shoulders of Elvis, exactly as I did at Yarmouth. And when I saw it, Charlie Hodge leaned in to me and said, "Is he in the room?"

"Believe it or not, Charlie, he's back. He's here."

"You ask him what I was doing when he met me?"

Elvis came right up into my ear and said he was a radioman. Hodge was stunned just for a minute so I said "Elvis, tell me something else about him, 'Did Charlie Hodge ever get married?' " Elvis swore, he said "That MF wouldn't marry anybody." Elvis named two women that Hodge had relationships with. At that point, Charlie Hodge almost collapsed. He'd gone white. He grabbed me in a bear hug and said, "You're real man. You're real!"

"I told you Charlie," I said.

I've done it many times privately since but my greatest moment I would say was that one, talking to Elvis and I hoped it would go around the world. It never did. So I've had two shots in my life I suppose, the Yorkshire Ripper, that would have gone around the world, the Elvis story would have gone around the world but didn't. Suddenly at this late stage of life, I'm in the starting blocks again. If I get the chance this time, I'll knock somebody out, I tell you. I'm determined if I get the break supposing someone said to me, can you go to Buckingham Palace and communicate with Prince Phillip or Lord Mountbatten the answer is "Yes! And shortly too please." I'll do it. Nobody else can do it. I know I can do it. But will I ever get a chance at that, Karen? You have to be brave. There're all sorts of psychics and mediums. They say this, they say that, I've been there, I've done it, I've put my neck in the noose. I know what it takes and I'm not scared. I said to a television company on one occasion, "Give me a quite high three-sided box, lit it in light blue light. Advertise it as being a live broadcast. Sukata will materialise by my side in front of the television camera." Now then, no one's taken it up. There's two things about that, Karen. One, is the TV company has got nothing to lose. I would look the biggest fool of all time. If nothing comes I'd look terrible, they would go what an idiot, or two the spirit world goes, listen guys, there's a hundred million people watching this we either spurn him or we do it and realise that I'm on their side. So you see, courage goes with faith. If you want to do anything great, you must be prepared to up the anti. You've got to pay the price or take the risk and on several murders I took the risk. That would be my dream. All those things are wonderful. I've had some big moments, we'll see what the future holds now. I know I'm in great shape. I'm actually seventy-nine. I'm very fit and strong. I am an ex-athlete but I've had two major cancers and nearly died. Not that I'm worried about dying, obviously, but I'm ready to go again now. The whole thing has come back. The author of my book, he wrote about me twenty years ago and he was the one that suggested I should write my book, your stories never been told. I tried to step back thinking no one is ever going to listen, it's not really going to break through, then I wrote the book and since the book has been out, there's people like you and there're hundreds now have all been in touch with me about this and that and all the rest of it and I thought right, let's get on the stage and let's show the public at large now that there actually is another world, and this is the way it is. I know the way to cross it now. I know how to reach it and how to get back. I know that now.

So the book's done well? I saw on your live broadcast that there were people from all over the world, South Africa, Australia, etc?

I'm not sure about the actual number of sales, I think it's not bad, it's around fourteen hundred, but it's climbing all the time. Two went today.

I'd love an American company to pick it up as I think it would fit an American audience well. Can you imagine it? You've got murder cases being solved, Sukata a Native American Indian guide, who fought with the Sioux Indians, and you've got Elvis Presley in the story. It'd be wonderful, but of course it's hard to get someone to take the hook. I thought about sending the book to Universal Studios the other day. I haven't done that at the moment but on the other hand, my connection is so strong I'm beginning to sense or feel, if I go public now at my shows and something like I believe happens, I don't think there's any need to contact America as I think word will just spread like wildfire.

Are you recording the live shows or are they just for the audience?

If I can get it videoed, I'll do what I can with it. As it is at the moment, I'm going to a community centre on the outskirts of Bristol. I'm afraid the audience capacity is only one hundred and fifty people so it's big enough. I'm going to do four nights altogether but you imagine a hundred and fifty people, if they saw either Sukata my guide or any of their relatives with me on stage, and I'm going for it Karen, don't have any doubt about that. The reaction to that, they'll be telling everybody. Then you get the newspapers, they say we don't believe this; we don't believe that. I'll say well come to the next one. I think I can launch the atom bomb here. I think so; you know. I'm in the hands of the spirit world as well. I've got to be sensible, I've got to be wise, I've got to be clever, but the truth is the truth and I truly believe this will help humanity evolve an awful lot. It would help so many people, if finally what could be accepted as proof has appeared and that's where I'm at. I'm not just a medium that wants to give lovely spiritual words, you know. I want to give people facts and then they can say, that's right or, that happened or whatever.

I tried doing predictions. I did March, April, May predictions. Sukata was absolutely brilliant with that and I did that live on Facebook as well but that knocks out the scientists. I give information ahead of time so that rules out telepathy and all their arguments there, but at the moment, Karen, I just have to hope now, pray and get ready. I'll be ready on those nights and I will see what happens, my love.

What benefits can interacting with relatives or guides bring living people?

It brings guidance; it brings happiness. It's the story of life. Many people will face major decisions or dilemmas in life. As Sukata once said, "No life will be easy." When you're in tough times and it's rough, if someone from the beyond, a grandmother or a mother or a father or an angel or a guide, can step in and give some guidance or influence, it can change everything. It can take the edge of it if you like and help that person through. So it's to help people, there's no doubt about that, when they're in their greatest need.

What do you do if you get a difficult message, if someone is gravely ill for example, such as Diana Dors, whom you mention in your book?

I'm afraid there will be sad things that will occur. When Diana Dors spoke to me that day on the radio. I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn't say it. There was no way I could say, actually I think you're in real trouble here, and it won't be long before you come to the end. I couldn't. It would have been foolish to have said that. So what the spirit world instruction there would be is you have to give wise words you couldn't give the ultimate answer. I'll give you an example, Annie Lennox. You might have seen that, it's in the book. Annie Lennox and her first child being born dead in the womb. Now Sukata never said that. She asked about children and he said "There's a problem with this question but it's a problem that will be overcome. After that all will be well."

She said to me, "What do you think the problem is?"

"Well, to be honest, Annie, probably a miscarriage," I replied. Three years later, her first baby was stillborn in the womb, but Sukata left that bit out. So you get messages that say look we know what's coming ok. They give you clues or go at it in a roundabout way but they leave out the nasty pieces. When it's all over, hopefully that comfort or understanding should then prevail.

How do spirits know the future?

You're bringing in now the question of time or timing. Time as we understand it now, we have seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day etc and we move at a certain speed. In the spirit world, there's no doubt at all, time moves in a different zone. It's hard to explain this but they're outside of our time zone as we understand it so they can actually see what will happen to us tomorrow. They can see tomorrow before we get there. Now if you have an acceptable guide, if you have someone with great authority. Sukata is in that position, and there're others like him. He has the ability to go very often two or three years ahead of somebody and he proved that with Annie Lennox. Now basically it brings a big question in because it gets more and more complicated. Does it mean then that whoever's at the head of you, Karen, they already know it, it's already happened or are you actually going to live it, how will you get through it. Why do they know it now? The questions get very complicated because firstly you have to make your own decisions in life to a degree. Secondly, Mother Nature has to be ahead of you in cases of tragedy or something going wrong. You take, for example, when an aeroplane crashes and two hundred people die in one go, the spirit world has to be ready for that. They've got to know who is going to come, because there are two hundred souls going into the spirit world in horrific circumstances, very quickly indeed. An emergency set up exists in the spirit world but they have to know it's going to happen before it does, and they do and I've had proof of that as well, so it's very difficult to explain all of it but the only answer that can be given really is a different time zone. Now, what else can I say. It's like me now, Sukata will know now exactly when I die. He will know exactly what's coming up in the nearby Me And My Shadow, he'll know what's going to happen and the end result of what I'm trying to do. How long has he known that? He may have known it when he met me at twenty-three years of age, but basically it's very difficult to explain. But there's no doubt at all. I've proved it many, many times, that they can certainly see ahead of us.

Do spirits ever play tricks on you?

In a friendly way or a jokey way. I'm trying to think of some funny things that have happened to me. It depends how you look at it, really. Basically, the answer is yes, they will have a bit of fun. There's a sense of humour so just to be simple the answer is yes. To give an example, I'm trying to think of one now and it depends how you would look at it, really. I mean I wouldn't say this was a joke although it's quite remarkable. When I moved from Bristol to London. I was struggling to find a house in London because I had to join the England squad. It took me six months to get a place in London. The spirit world knew where I was going to go and they knew what was going to happen and this was the end result: I lived in number four in Bristol, I moved to number four in Twickenham, not unusual. I lived on Harbury Road in Bristol; I bought number four in Twickenham, off Mr and Mrs Harbour. The house in Bristol was painted black and yellow on the windows, doors, etc. The house in Twickenham was the same colour. In the Bristol house, I lived next door to Mr & Mrs Batten. The house in Twickenham, next door was Mr & Mrs Batten. When you opened the front door in Bristol, you had stairs going straight up from the hallway and all the way up the stairs was decorated with Chinese rickshaw wall paper. When you opened the door on number four Twickenham, you had stairs facing you and the wallpaper was Chinese rickshaws, exactly the same paper. Now you could call that a joke, I suppose, but that was amazing. The chances of that, moving from four to four could happen hundreds of times, but the neighbours, the wallpaper the colour of the house, the name of the sellers? It's incredible, isn't it? They play jokes but usually in a very subtle, wonderful or clever way, yes they do.

My favourite things in life are nature, flowers, bees, birds etc. Are these things in the afterlife?

I know domestic pets go with family into the spirit world. I've seen many dogs with loved ones coming back, or cats and they've named them as well at times, so I know domestic pets go there. I don't know so much about cows and sheep and stuff like that. I'm not so sure about that but I couldn't say no to it, really. Certainly the flowers, the colours, the things of nature that we have now, all those things are there. The only thing is that they are far more beautiful colours. It's a much more wonderful existence. If you look at a rainbow, it's a beautiful thing and beauty like that in the spirit world is intense. So you do have Mother Nature. I've never met anybody yet from the spirit world who's wished they could come back. With lions or tigers or elephants, I can't say I've enough knowledge to answer about that. I'm not sure but I do know about domestic cats. A young man came to my house this morning to repair my internet. My Wi-Fi had gone down, and they sent an engineer to fix it. He saw a poster for the Me And My Shadow show, so he said "What's this? What do you do?" So I told him. Very quickly, a grandfather came into the room whilst the guy was repairing the phone and gave me his name, gave me his son's birthday and told me a few true things about this young guy and I saw a dog. A lovely dog. He had a white chest but it was a black dog. It just ran across the room. I said I got Bob or Bobby. He sort of semi collapsed for a minute. He said, "I've got a dog, and he's called Bobby." I said well I have just seen a spiritual image of your dog. He's got the dog now, it's with him now.

My friend Helen has a spirit dog, she's seen it since she was a child. She feels it's a protector.

It's not unusual at all. There are various symbols that people can latch on to, or see, or be given. In a sense, you could get a wolf or a large dog trying to protect you. In a way, you could. I did once have a slight sort of feeling about a snake, a proper snake. It was a long time ago and I thought, that snake's protecting me. I had a feeling, that was all. That didn't last long. I did once think that.

You have some Me and My Shadow shows coming up soon. When and where are they being held?

14th August 2021 is the first one, at Warmley community centre, Bristol. There's another one on 18th September, in the same place. Then I go to a fairly local place, Lyde Green Community Centre on 30th October and on 21st November I'm at the Bawa Club, Southmead Road. It's all on my Psychic Mike website. The different versions of the book, ticket sales and all the dates are there.

Personal prediction

Mike made a prediction for me that I should look to Cambridge or Cambridgeshire in my search to get my book published. A publisher with a C or K initial. I'd never thought of looking so close to home, but it makes sense as I set my book in Suffolk and there would be local interest. I'd also already had advice to go to a small publisher rather than an agent. Let's see what the future holds and Mike is right and my next blog will be me telling you he was right. In the meantime, why not speak to Mike yourself, you can interact in one of his live Saturday Facebook meetups, you can book a personal session with him and Sukata or you can see him perform live at one of their shows.

Photo credits Elvis photo - by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

All other photos courtesy of Mike Baker

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