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  • Karen Hamilton-Viall

Past Life Regression Session

I've always been very keen to try past life regression. I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to do it. Perhaps, secretly, I've been afraid of what it might uncover. Today. I did my first past life regression session via a Zoom call, with a lady called Laura Rose-Walker, based in Somerset.

I really had no idea what to expect going into the session. I had vague ideas of someone hypnotising me with a watch but that's not at all what happened.

Laura introduced herself and explained that there were different types of hypnosis and this was more like meditation rather than the showman type hypnosis seen on the TV and we would try to access the knowledge and memories stored in my subconscious mind. She explained that there was no right or wrong in how I'd experience it. Everyone's session would be different, some would have very visual experiences, others might be auditory. It is about trusting your gut and what you're seeing. Anything could happen. Some people even see the future as well as the past. For many, it's like a movie playing in front of their eyes. My brain would show be whatever might help me in this lifetime. She said the brain was like an onion and it would slowly reveal little snippets to me.

We started with a guided meditation to relax me. I lay down on the sofa and Laura talked me through various processes to help remove negative thoughts and worries, which I found quite useful. I really felt like my worries had been locked away. I'll have to remember that trick!

I then had to rub my palms together and visualise a ball of energy between my hands. I had to describe its colour and how bright it was, and then imagine feeling its healing energy working its way through my body.

After this, I had to look up towards my eyebrows, where my third eye is and focus on a spot on the ceiling. We went through a process of trying to put me in a trancelike state, similar to meditation. Then I had to imagine myself drifting down a tunnel until I saw a crack of light and make my way through it. I then had to describe what I saw around me but I only saw blackness. She asked me to describe the blackness and how it felt. Then I had to explore the darkness to see what I could find. As I was going through this process, I could feel my eyes flickering, which is a sensation I've often had during meditation and a shamanic sound journey I went on. Almost as if my eyes are in a REM sleep stage. I also felt tremendously nervous and my whole body was shaking. I found myself stuttering my words, which is not a problem I normally have. Eventually, I found some light higher up and I followed it. I saw lilac and pale green lights. I imagined getting closer and the light got brighter. I thought I saw dark shapes. Gradually the bright light filled my entire vision and it felt as though I was teetering on the edge of something but I wouldn't let go, as if I were a person desperately grasping on to a rope with a drop below me (metaphorically speaking). She asked me to look at my feet and very clearly I saw male feet in pointed ankle boots. Then I had to work my way up and my clothing looked medieval. I had trousers and a long thigh length dark green tunic. I had on a lighter green hood. She asked me to look at my hands and they were definitely male, hardworking hands. I could only see a suggestion of my face, just a nose as I had my hood up. She asked how old I thought I was. I felt like I was in my forties.

Next she asked me to turn 360 and look around me. I could see vague outlines of pine trees, as if back lit. Quite dark. It was a forest. I could strongly feel stone and some grass underfoot. She asked what country I was in and I felt that it was Scandinavia and I was on my own. I felt that the forest was a place of work. I had a brief vision of an axe and of a meteor travelling across the forest sky. It was very bright. We then went through a process of returning to my current life. As I returned to myself, I felt a little dizzy and shaky but better, the closer I got to waking up.

She finished by asking me if I knew my aura colour. I said no. She then explained the colour of the orb I had visualised was my aura colour, light blue. Blue aura means calm, sensitive personalities, very compassionate, very intuitive, very honest, good at expressing themselves, very good at speech and communication skills because the blue aura relates to your most dominant chakra, which in my case was the throat chakra. The downside to being a blue is if I'm out of balance. I can become very withdrawn and shy. If things aren't quite right, I completely go into my shell and withdraw from everything. She described because my orb was dull, my energy is low and I have an issue that's making my energy low and causing an imbalance. She said that this means people can struggle to get into a past life as the brain's focus is elsewhere on current life issues. My brain only showed me what I was comfortable with, myself and the trees.

She asked if I was stressed at the moment. In the current climate of pandemics and wars, there are obviously stresses, and as I'm self employed, my job is uncertain. I'm publishing a novel but nothing majorly upsetting going on.

Laura felt for a first time, the session went well. Over the next few weeks, she said I may have some dreams about it. She felt that seeing the forests, greens and blues might mean that I was telling myself I needed to spend more time in nature, or at the seaside. She also thought it would be helpful for me to do an online guided chakra meditation.

After we finished, I had a strong feeling of the name Peter. It kept repeating in my head in an accent. I e-mailed Laura to ask if this was important and she said yes, it had probably been my name in that life.

So in summary, what do I feel about the session? Well I definitely believe in spirit and multiple lives, via other experiences in my life, but something is holding me back from experiencing this properly. I feel the colour description is a very good match for me. My work has been all about communication (I am a Gemini after all!) but I also have times where I just don't want to be around anyone and I'm very insular. I'm not as social as many people and I'm quite happy in my own company a lot of the time. In fact I feel that this is something I need to work past in this life and become more social. I've often felt that I might have had some past life where I spent a lot of time alone. I had wondered about a monk but this sort of life might have been equally as apart from people as that would be. The most astounding thing of the session for me though was the shaking, and the sense of fear, and the bright green light that I saw, as if someone were shining light in my eyes (the room I was in was darkened). Do I think it was real or just my imagination? At this point, I couldn't say but I would happily undergo another session and try again, now that I know what to expect.

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